“Intelligent” Future: JD Logistics Teamed up with Plug and Play China to Kick off Boundaryless Innovation

On October 12th, the world's top technology innovation accelerator and venture capital Plug and Play China, with nearly 20 domestic top technology innovation startups visited the JD Group’s headquarters, kicking off the “1stSeason of ‘Intelligent’ Future: JD Logistics Teamed up with Plug and Play China for Boundaryless Innovation”.


The event was jointly organized by the Boundaryless Logistics Innovation Center, JDA and Plug and Play China. Peter Xu, Executive Director and CEO of Plug and Play China, Bing Fu, Vice President of JD Group and Head of JD Logistics Integrated Planning Cluster, Yingming Zhao, Vice President of Strategy and Investment of JD Group, et al. attended the event. They shared their new insights and ideas associated with logistics innovation.




Bing Fu shared the topic of Logistics Industry Trends and Analysis and Application of Innovative Technologies


During the field exchange,Fu said, with the continuous development of the retail revolution, logistics has become the core infrastructure of the retail industry. It even began to dominate retail innovation. In his view, the next 10 years will be the golden period of logistics development.


In particular, such new technologies as robotics, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and IoT are constantly being applied in the logistics industry. Based on the world's leading intelligent logistics and supply chain capabilities, JD Logistics has created an online, offline, omni-channel, and integrated supply chain solution. Such solution integrates logistics with the flow of business, capital, and information into the value chain, greatly helping customers and industries to optimize costs and improve efficiency, and continuously shaping the optimal customer experience. Ultimately, the solution will become an important force for building the foundation network of the global intelligent supply chain and driving business development in China and the world.


The retail industry is at a turning point in the upheaval. With the changes in consumption scenes, demand, relations and technological advancement, the “4thretail revolution” has arrived.


Zhao said, JD understood the essence of the fourth retail revolution as boundaryless retail. Its ultimate goal is to reconstruct the cost, efficiency and experience of retailing based on knowing people, goods and the field. At the same time, JD is willing to establish a new ecological relationship with offline partners in five dimensions, including online retail and supply chain, logistics, finance and technology.


Zhao Yingming shared JD’s strategy and innovation with many startups on the topic of the Future of JD


Yingming Zhao shared JD’s strategy and innovation with many startups on the topic of the Future of JD


At the same time, JD will also move towards integrated openness, connect more partners, and jointly create a new boundaryless retail ecosystem.


On the one hand, JD encourages internal innovation; on the other hand, it creates an innovative external ecology, and an “H”-type innovative ecological platform. In recent years, JD has focused on innovative business, and created an innovative incubation, management and docking platform for innovative ecosystems such as Boundaryless Logistics Innovation Center and JDA. It adheres to the principle of supporting strategic landing, relies on the JD system, connects internal and external resources, and enhances JD's innovation capabilities. We are ready to explore new growth points for intelligent JD and actively build the internal innovation ecology of JD Group.


As a “veteran” engaged in technology innovation for two decades, Plug and Play promotes the evolution of the corporate innovation model. It has thus explored an innovative methodology.


Xu deeply recognized the application and development of JD Logistics' current innovative technology, and also shared the “innovative craftsmanship” of Plug and Play.



Peter Xu shared the innovative methodology of Plug and Play on the topic of Innovative Craftsmanship


In his view, corporate innovation has undergone through three phases so far:


In the 1.0 era, corporates began to embrace external innovation forces;


In the 2.0 era, corporates are moving toward vertical joint innovation;


In the 3.0 era, corporates began cross-domain innovation around user scenarios.


Peter Xu said, corporate innovation in the 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 era is a single action. As mass entrepreneurship and innovation enters the “second half”, the market's innovation needs are becoming more diversified, and the “boundaryless” corporate innovation 4.0 era is coming.


The State Council, China's Cabinet, recently issued a document on Promoting High-Quality and Upgraded Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which clearly states thatthe smooth flow of innovative resources for large, medium and small enterprises and the organic integration of innovation and entrepreneurial value chains will be important targets for the next stage. 


JD Logistics has always been a pioneer and leading force to embrace innovation. Plug and Play is willing to help JD to link global high-quality innovation resources on the boundaryless ecological platform, creating unlimited possibilities in the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation.


After the onsite exchanges, 18 startups and business leaders of JD Logistics' network management, value supply chain, logistics R&D departments conducted in-depth resource docking and exchangeon industrial robots, vision sensors, chip technology, big data platforms, and CRM system. Both sides combine their efforts to jointly explore the potential of cooperation between the solution and the JD logistics scenes.


In the future,JD Logistics will continue to work closely with Plug and Play to launch cross-domain boundaryless innovation, focus on the progress of innovative projects, and promote the development of technology and products.


JD Logistics said, the Boundaryless Logistics Innovation Center will continue to focus on attracting the best industry leaders and professional scholars from around the world. In addition, it will build a logistics innovation ecosystem and promote the transfer of advanced and applicable technologies and the transformation of results. It will serve as a collaborative innovation platform for the logistics industry and carry out boundaryless innovation cooperation with other business sectors.


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