Plug and Play China Brought 11 IoT Startups to Visit Signify

Recently, Plug and Play China has brought 11 IoT startups to visit Signify. Both sides deepened mutual understanding through a one-day face-to-face communication and sought future cooperation. The person in charge of the innovation department and the heads of various business departments attended the event. They hoped to select technological innovation projects that meet the needs of the business departments and invest resources to put in place the project.

Before the event, the persons in charge of the relevant departments led the startups to visit the Signify’s new intelligent office building, demonstrating the complete control system of the building and various intelligent lamps used in the office area. During the visit, entrepreneurs intuitively felt the innovative enthusiasm and achievements of the Signify.


Startups visit the Signify’s Office Building 


Feng Ye, head of the innovation department of Signify, gave a welcome speech and introduction of Signify to the startups. Thereafter, the leaders of Signify’s Smart Streetlight Department, Component Management Department and LED Electronic Department and Feihui intelligent lighting products of the company have detailed the business situation and innovation needs of each department.


Feng Ye, the head of the innovation department of Signify, gives a welcome speech


After understanding the specific needs of each business department, the startups and the department leaders had a one-on-one exchange to showcase their technologies and solutions, and further explore the potential business opportunities and cooperation.


Startups and business department leaders had a one-on-one exchange


After a day of in-depth exchange and interaction, Signify highly praised the quality of the startup projects involved in the event, and said that there were potentials for cooperation with relevant projects in the areas of smart streetlight, LED Electronic, LED Lamps, etc. There were ready to follow up. The representatives of the startups also said that they benefited a lot from the exchanges with Signify’s experts and other startups.

Precise docking and multi-dimensional innovationis the purpose of the Plug and Play China’s IoT Unicorn Acceleration Program. It is expected that more companies and startups will get innovation inspirations and gain resources in this process.

Startups listed into Signify Focus Week

SHOWMAC is a smart IoT solution provider that provides communication link services for intelligent hardware and users through virtual SIM technology. Its main products include virtual SIM solutions, intelligent communication modules, and IoT communication traffic management platforms. The company is dedicated to the one-stop solution to the problems of intelligent IoT.



Xinyi Information Technology is an IoT communication chip manufacturer specializing in R&D and application of IoT sensing technology. Its products are mainly used in such fields as smart cities, smart logistics, industrial 4.0, smart agriculture, smart wearable devices. In addition, related technical support is provided. Currently, its main product is NB-IoT chip. Its unique SDR architecture enables compatibility with LoRa and other third-party communication chips in the short term.




Jingwei Technology is an indoor precision positioning solution provider, focusing on providing 3D spatial positioning solutions. The company's main business involves spatial, indoor and precise positioning, global AR/VR, and mobile internet positioning, suitable for UWB positioning solution in various industries and precision 3D graphics engine.



Soaringnova is a provider of offline retail analysis decision-making solutions based on artificial intelligence. With such artificial intelligence technologies as computer vision technology, face recognition, and image 3D cloud recognition, the company is dedicated to the provision of such big data analysis decision-making services for the offshore stores as daily operation data, performance management data and consumer portraits.



RAY-LINKS is a manufacturer of UHF RFID electronic chips. Its main products include RFID electronic tag chips, reader chips, reader modules, special labels, etc. The products are widely used in such fields as anti-counterfeiting, finance and food safety; In addition, the company also provides product customization services and solutions in the UHF field.


Qudfly is a developer of directional communication speakers. The company's main product is Focusound. Based on the principle of parametric array, Focusound modulates the audio signal onto the ultrasonic signal, and realizes the directional transmission of the sound through the self-demodulation of the unique nonlinear action of the ultrasonic wave, so that the sound source can be artificially controlled and the breadth of the sound propagation changed. The product is ideal to meet the need for sound transmission in complex environments and the problem of noise nuisance.



Precise Location Indoor is an indoor positioning solution provider. Its main business includes indoor navigation and location data service. It can realize indoor positioning and route recommendation in large indoor environments such as hospitals and shopping malls. At the same time, it can zoom in and out accurately to the decimeter level.



HYCO is a provider of optical and space sensing products and technologies. Its main products include annular scanner series, smart watch series, audio port scanner series, etc. The products have the characteristics of small size and strong endurance, and are widely used in the logistics, retail, food and other industries.



The main product of Next Dimension Technology is the intelligent product platform. ZEUS intelligent platform solution integrates such functions as image, image transmission, flight control and electric regulation, and uses heterogeneous dual system, Linux+LiteOS, to help calculation power and visual image processing. Its intelligence and edge computing capabilities can reach 4T Flops/s, and 2.5T Flops/s can be achieved without DSP and GPU. Next Dimension uses a number of sensor-related products to fuse sensor data for control of lighting and the like. Thus, it can be combined with Signify in the algorithm-based processing of data analysis and subsequent control. 



INGSHI is a provider of industrial big data mining and real-time analysis technology, providing industrial big data analysis services. Based on dataneuro core technology, the company provides industrial enterprises users with big data analysis and application hardware, software and services associated with equipment, process, R&D and quality.



APEX Technologies is a customer data technology and AI company. APEX Technologies integrates big data, AI and blockchain technologies to solve problems in marketing, personalization and customer analytics. The company serves over 300 large- and medium-sized domestic and foreign companies, covering the financial, tourism, automotive, e-commerce and retail industries. 




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