Plug and Play China Real Estate Tech Focus Week II Held in Shanghai

On October 17, Plug and Play China Real Estate Tech Focus Week II was held at the BFC Bund Financial Center in Shanghai.Dozens of business leaders from such well-known companies as Longfor Group, Seazen, Hongkong Land, Chengdu Wanhua Group, Fosun Science and Technology Innovation Center and Fosun Hive attended the event.


Corporates attending this event


Peter Xu, Executive Director and CEO of Plug and Play China, welcomed the guests andshared the experience of Plug and Play on the road to corporate innovation.


He said, the innovative exploration of Plug and Play began in 1998. After 20 years of practice and thinking, Plug and Play's innovative ecosystem has spread all over the world.In just three years after entering China, it has carried out business in 10 vertical sectors. With deep cooperation with 22 cities, the company has accumulated rich experience with respect to investment, acceleration and innovation consulting..


Peter Xu delivered a speech entitled “Innovative Craftsmanship”


Xu said, corporate innovation has started from the scratch. It has gone through three stages of “opening the door” to embrace external innovation, vertical joint innovation and cross-boundary open innovation. In the process, Plug and Play has deeply involved and promoted the change of innovation models, and time has become the best witness. The innovation path is long and not smooth. In order to let partners bravely embrace innovation, Plug and Play is willing to take root in the innovation industry with the heart of craftsmen and become the paving man of corporate innovation.


Zhiqiang Liu, chief technology officer of Fosun Hive, said: “The Fosun Hive has very rich scenarios. We also hope to access to this technological innovation ecosystem and use our resources to empower entrepreneurs. I believe that Fosun can genetically make innovations in real estate technology and offer feedbacks to the whole ecology.”


Zhiqiang Liu, Chief Technology Officer of Fosun Hive, delivered a welcome speech


This Technology Focus Week focuses on five major directions: smart home, real estate marketing, mall empowerment, intelligent construction and building management.


Previously, after a two-month joint effort by Plug and Play China and the anchor partners in the real estate technology field, and a series of screening and multi-dimensional evaluations of 60 outstanding startups, a total of 15 startups, including Feixiang Technology, Siwei Technology, Sesame Technology, Xmandata, Whalebeyond, GenePoint, A Convenience, Aqueti, Uinnova, LifeSmart, Perspicace, Green Print, Onsight, Xidao Technology and MeshKithad face-to-face exchanges with executives of big enterprises.


When the event was ongoing, 15 startups presented their technical solutions one by one and answered questions from corporate experts. In the subsequent free networking session, the two sides further communicated and held dialoguesto help corporates understand the technology of the startups and then clarify the cooperation intention.


At the private meeting of corporates after the road show, Zhiqiang Liu, Chief Technology Officer of Fosun Hive, shared the scientific and technological innovation thinking of Fosun Hive. Chunlei Huang, vice president of Seazen, shared his point of view on “the experience of putting in place innovation accelerator model in the enterprise”.


Zhiqiang Liu, Chief Technology Officer of Fosun Hive, shared “the technological innovation thought of Fosun Hive”


Chunlei Huang, Vice President of Seazen, shared “the experience of putting in place innovation accelerator model in the enterprise”


After listening to the sharing and discussion of the representatives of the companies, Dan Qiao, Senior Director of Corporate Innovation of Plug and Play China commented:


 “I believe that innovation is painful and happy for big corporates.It is painful because every small change is accompanied by obstacles and barriers, and every innovation decision is made with utmost caution; but innovation brings us with exciting results and process. Companies can only continue to grow if they continue to innovate.”



Dan Qiao, Senior Director of Corporate Innovation of Plug and Play China hosted the private meeting of corporates


He said: “Plug and Play is very fortunate to be able to fight and grow together with everyone. Together with many excellent and open-minded companies, we will continue to explore and think on the road of innovation and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the industry.”


About Plug and Play

Plug and Play focuses on building a global platform for technological innovation. Our headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, which is among the oldest and largest technology innovation accelerators. After over a decade, Plug and Play has become the leading international technology innovation platform with partners all over the world. We have built an innovative ecosystem with nearly 10,000 startups around the world, including superstars such as Google, PayPal, and Logitech. Plug and Play is also committed to helping startups grow in three dimensions: startup accelerator, corporate innovation, and innovation consulting. We also work with corporations, governments, universities, and other ecosystems to focus on open innovation, cooperation, and development.

About Plug and Play China

In 2015, Plug and Play came to China and currently has accelerators in innovative areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Xi'an, and Zhengzhou. Plug and Play China has invested and incubated more than 300 Chinese startups, and more than 200 startups have entered the “Plug and Play Unicorn Accelerator Program”. We are working in depth with all the central cities in China to build an acceleration platform for industrial advancement. In addition, we have imported more than 100 technology projects from the US, Germany, Russia, and Plug and Play accelerators in other countries around the world.  


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